Code of Ethics for Education Abroad


The Forum on Education Abroad. (2008). Code of Ethics for Education Abroad.


The purpose of the Code of Ethics is to provide a guide for making ethical decisions to ensure that those in the education abroad field provide services in accord with the highest ethical standards, with the ultimate goal of ensuring that students’ international educational experiences are as rich and meaningful as possible. These guidelines are aspirational and reflect the best practices developed by the Forum on Education Abroad in relation to ethical consideration for Study Abroad programmes. The FEA's role is to develop Standards which are adopted voluntarily by its members. Forum members, indeed all institutions and organizations within the field of education abroad, are encouraged to combine the principles of this Code of Ethics with their own codes of ethical practices. They are encouraged also to adopt the more concrete best practices, query based self-evaluations, and toolbox resources of the Forum’s Standards of Good Practice for Education Abroad. 

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