Aims & Objectives

LEMONOC aims at improving the quality of mobility with the Global South (or 'non-industrialized' or 'economically developing' countries) within European higher education institutions (HEIs) by facilitating a stronger cooperation among HEIs to share knowledge and good practices. As such, it will enable the HEIs to contribute to more effective competency-oriented learning with the corresponding validation mechanisms and tools adjusted to an increasingly globalizing European labour market. The project will contribute to a more joint approach among different countries of the EU and confirm a shared European identity outside its borders.

Hereto it aims to strengthen the capacity of HEIs to organize learning mobility with the Global South by:

  • Collecting, analysing and systematising data on different types and motivations of mobility, different models of student selection, preparation and follow-up and different aspects of sustainable partnerships;
  • Sharing of knowledge and expertise with different stakeholders;
  • Developing a new online self-assessment tool for HEIs (as a result a set of tips and interesting links and documents are automatically offered specifically for the assessed institution);
  • Disseminating good practices through a self-reliant dynamic and interactive e-platform with an e-library;
  • Developing training courses for trainers and staff of international mobility services;
  • Providing networking facilities and further development of the referred outcomes as well online as via an international seminar.