Global Health Partnership building and Collaboration


Musa, M. N. L., Umoren, R. A., Montague, B. T. & Braden, M. R. (2014). Global Health Partnership building and Collaboration. In Evert, J., Drain, P., Hall, T., Developing Global Health Programming,107. Mountain View, CA: Global Health Education Collaboration Press.


This is a chapter of a book dealing with developing Global Health programming. According to the authors, as the number of partnerships between North and South institutions increases, greater attention should be given to ensuring that these partnerships are established nor just with good intentions, but deliberately, ethically, and with a focus on outcomes. The authors first describe the type of collaboration encountered in Global Health partnerships before describing key principles for building effective partnership. The chapter also deals with the ethics of partnering and presents the most common challenge facing partners both in the North and in the South. The chapter concludes with a section on evaluating partnership 

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