The Rewards of Qualitative Assessment Appropriate to Study Abroad


Engle, L. (2013). The Rewards of Qualitative Assessment Appropriate to Study Abroad. Frontiers: The interdisciplinary journal of study abroad, 22, 111-126


This article focuses on the qualitative assessment of Study Abroad programmes. The author argues that many institutions do not engage in serious outcomes research beyond the question of student satisfaction.  The author provides several recommendations and practical examples to improve the qualitative assessment of study abroad programme. According to the author, a thoughtful study abroad questionnaire enables students to: "Recognize and reflect upon the value in the deliberate educational challenge of their study abroad experience;, Place their personal, academic, and cross-cultural experience within the context of specifically stated program goals; Reflect on their own ability or motivation to seize the opportunities provided; Assume responsibility as creators of their own experience." The author also shares recommendation on general programme design, with a particular focus on learning outcomes.

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